About Us

Welcome to FlixFling - The easiest & most flexible streaming movie service. Rent or Purchase, Subscribe or Pay As You Go - You Decide!

FlixFling is the fully integrated way to stream movies on any device providing its customers not only with great content and value but also ultimate flexibility.

What makes FlixFling different?
FlixFling provides multiple viewing options to our users. For a small monthly fee, subscribers can watch an unlimited number of select films – a unique catalogue of nearly 3,000 titles including many hidden gems not found on any other service. Included in the subscription fee, users also have the opportunity to view one free Premium title each month. If you chose to only rent or purchase a few movies every now and then, sign up for a free FlixFling On Demand account. FlixFling also has special subscription channels at lower price points which contain titles grouped by a similar theme.

Supported Devices:

Smart TVs: Vizio, Yahoo Connected
Applications: iOS, Android, Opera, Windows 8, Vidora
Set-top boxes: Roku, Entone, TiVo coming soon
Game Console: Xbox 360

Questions? Please forward your questions along to us at any time via email at info@flixfling.com.

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